Yahya Yuksel Esq. J.D. LL.M.


I believe...

  • We can be civil and respectful to our fellow Americans without questioning their patriotism when we disagree. Congress can work together and listen to us regardless of political party.

  • We can have an efficient and universal healthcare system, free of waste and corruption, guaranteeing healthcare for all of us, as every other major industrialized nation has done.

  • We can have a balanced budget, and adequately fund education, fund our military, and fund maintenance and development of our public infrastructure. 

  • We can protect our DREAMers.

  • We can have safer classrooms with stronger gun laws at the local and national level. 

  • We can recapture our role as a world leader in research, medical advances, technological innovation, and industry.

  • We can regain our role as world leaders, respect the sovereignty of other nations, and protect American interests on the world stage.

A Life Dedicated to Public Service.


Yahya is a lifelong Democrat, running for U.S. Congress in Arizona’s 2nd District. Yahya is an international attorney, born and raised in CD2. He graduated from the University of Arizona with a bachelor's in business marketing and a Juris Doctorate in law. He also attended China's top University and received a Masters in Chinese law.


Yahya is not new to politics. When he was just 14 years old, he and his friend co-founded TeenDemocrats, an organization mobilizing youth groups to campaign for John Kerry's 2004 presidential bid. Following Kerry's defeat, Yahya and his friends continued pushing the youth agenda through the establishment of a Teen Court in his high school and volunteering efforts at soup kitchens. After high school, Yahya interned for Congresswoman Gabby Giffords where, in that time, he had the opportunity to hear the many voices of CD2 constituents regarding an array of issues and challenges they faced on a daily basis. Afterward, he served as the youngest Chairman of the City of Tucson Human Relations Commission, promoting and funding social diversity and non-profit initiatives in the Tucson community, and served as the Co-Chair for Vice Mayor Karin Uhlich’s successful 2009 re-election campaign.


Yahya became the first UofA law student approved to complete an international dual degree program in coordination with Tsinghua University in Beijing. Upon graduation, he was offered an opportunity to become the first American to work in a local Chinese Ministry of Commerce as a licensed Foreign Expert on International Investment. Yahya had unique access to the inner workings of Chinese investment strategies and government processes for the Pearl River Delta region of South China. After serving his term, he accepted a position with an American investment consulting firm, traveling across Asia promoting cross-border investment. During his time abroad, Yahya coordinated development projects with international organizations, Ministers of State, and high net worth individuals to promote the rule of law and internationalization of investment infrastructure.


Yahya has a passion for serving humanity. He wants to use his education along with his local and international experience to better our communities and the Nation.

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