Congressional Candidate Yahya Yuksel (AZ-02) on the AZ CD8 Special Election

Updated: May 21, 2018

Tucson, AZ 13 April 2018.

This week’s great showing by Democrat Dr. Hiral Tipirneni in Arizona’s 8th Congressional District affirms the voter’s rejection of the Republican agenda and way of governing.  Dr. Tipirneni’s strong results show a significant swing toward Democrats in this former Republican stronghold.  The Five Thirty Eight “partisan lean” in this district is 25%, so Dr. Tipirneni’s result shows a swing toward Democrats of 20%.

This great result once again demonstrates that voters are fed up with Republican governance and want a new direction and a new type of politics.  Democrats showed their enthusiasm, but also their organizational ability driven in large part by women, outraged by Trump and his policies.  Many of the new activists are new to politics, but they see the direction the country is taking under the Republicans and they do not want any part of it.  So they got active.

Lesko only pulled out a narrow victory by an infusion of money from the Republican Party, support from the President and from Arizona’s current and former Republican governors.  They will have to pull out all of the stops again in November to have a chance to hold onto this seat. Dr. Tipirneni’s success in activating and organizing many thousands of Democrats in the District has built a force that will support future Democrat victories in this District and in state-wide races.

The pro-Democratic swing in special elections since Trump’s November 2016 narrow victory has been a remarkable 16% on average.  Who better to carry the Democrat’s message than Dr. Tipirneni, an Indian immigrant, who became a doctor and cancer researcher?  That is the American Dream; come to America, work hard and contribute to our country.

As the native-born son of immigrants from Turkey and Iran, I understand the American Dream.  America provided a haven of freedom and liberty to my parents.  My father suffered four years in jail in Turkey for his thoughts and writings against an authoritarian regime.  My mother had to leave Iran due to religious intolerance.  We are finding our American Dream.  That is why I decided to launch my campaign to represent Arizona’s 2nd Congressional District to give back to this country and to set it on a more productive and positive path forward.